Smart Building


Intuitive 3D Visualization : Using high performance 3D technology, you can easily and intuitively monitor your facilities.

Wide Range of Sensors Compatibilities : Wide range of sensors are supported (including but not limited to temperature, light, humidity, occupancy sensors) allows you to monitor and increase the efficiency of your house / building. Various protocols are supported.

Automation : Automation of various devices (HVAC, Lighting, etc.) allows you to reduce cost of operation.

Easy and Secure, Accessible from everywhere system : You can monitor and control the operation of your building from practically everywhere.

Voice controlled operation : Easily do monitoring of your facilities using voice command.

Security : Various CCTV cameras integration as well as AI technology make your facility safer.

Multi Facilities Management : Using 3D GIS and Mapping technologies, you can easily locate and manage your facilities.

JN Link

You can easily connect ERP with JN Smart building system with JN Link. You can find more information about JN Link .

3D Smart Directories (Touch Free Kiosk, Mobile, etc.)

3D Smart Directories is a module of JN Smart Building. The benefits of using 3D Smart Directories for your facilities are :

Easy navigation: A directory provides an overview of the stores and services available in the shopping mall, helping visitors find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Enhanced customer experience: With a well-organized and up-to-date directory, customers can plan their visit in advance, increasing their satisfaction.

Store promotion: The directory offers a platform to promote the stores and brands present in the shopping mall, increasing visibility and attracting more customers.

Updated information: Keeping the directory up to date with changes in store layout and new businesses provides visitors with accurate information they can rely on.

Event promotion: The directory can be used to announce special events, discounts, promotions, and activities within the shopping mall


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